Azure Table Storage – limitations and solutions/workarounds(Part 2)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is part two of 2 parts posts discussing the limitations in Azure table storage. It’s highly recommended to read first Part 1. In this part I will discuss the querying limitations. Using table storage as your persistence layer – you need to be able to query the storage efficiently. The .NET layer above Table Storage (CloudTableClient) exposes the CreateQuery method that returns DataServiceQuery that implements IQueryable<T>public DataServiceQuery<T> CreateQuery<T>(string entitySetName); meaning you can write whatever LINQ query you want and it will compile – but only a very small subset is supported as described here – Query Operators (Table Service...
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Azure Table Storage – limitations and solutions/workarounds(Part 1)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Azure table storage – is the NoSQL storage key/value based part of Microsoft Azure cloud services. If you are not familiar with Azure table storage I recommend you to first read here. Recently I was working on a very simple application that is hosted on the cloud (simple web role). My previous experience with NoSQL was mostly using RavenDB (which I really love…) but in this application it was the natural decision to use the out of the box cloud NoSQL storage. Getting started was really easy thanks to the great documentation we have online but when I started...