Publish/Subscriber Using Routing Service (WCF4)

20 בFebruary 2011

Hi all. Download Code Few weeks ago I went to an interesting lecture of  Ido Flatow called: “What’s new in WCF4”. The lecture was very good mostly because it was the first time somebody gathered and organized the new abilities of WCF 4, and the material level in my opinion was pretty high. One of the features Ido talked about was the Routing Service. That feature just amazed me, I found it very powerful and useful in many scenarios: load balancing, on service failure, content base routing, bridge and more (MSDN Link). Pub/Sub Solutions I was at the time examining some pub/sub...
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EF4 In real life and using Code Only – Yes We Can ?

8 בJune 2010

Hi all it's been a while but i didn't have anything interesting to write about. Lately I was involved in a process of choosing the technology used in Data access infrastructure of new application, and let's just say it wasn't a simple decision but a fascinating one. General  The decision process was interesting and long, the dilemma was reduced at the end to decide between two ORM solutions: NHibernate and Entity Framework 4 – EF4 (I'll give some details below). Finally we decided to go with EF4. The risky part in this decision is that EF4 is...
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Self tracking “Poco’s” (self tracking data transfer objects)

4 בDecember 2009

Recently I worked on a POC with the guidance of Bernie Almosni – Building a layer above the business entities (stored in a data base) with the use of an ORM (as the data access engine). During the process we encountered the disconnected scenario issue (it’ll describe in details below). The Self tacking DTO component was develop by Bernie and myself as a part of the POC – aimed at addressing  the disconnected scenario. We ended up with a generic framework not bound to specific ORM, that I think can be useful to many. POC Requirements ...
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Passing Event Handlers Over WCF

10 בOctober 2009

Hi It’s been a really long time since my last post. Lately I been working on a POC aimed  at building an infrastructure layer for accessing the data in the application. Currently this layer is based on Nhibernate and supports several functionalities like WCF interface and more. As part of the POC I encountered a problem and managed to give it a satisfying solution. I want to share the problem and the solution with you. The Problem I was building a complex object hierarchy – each object has a reference to a different object or to...
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Layered Application wannabe

22 בFebruary 2009

Hi it's been a while since my last post (just had nothing interesting to write about). In this post I wanted to share an issue I encountered recently while reviewing a medium scale web application. Layered Application This is a common architecture of an enterprise application that has a large number of components (read about it here). The Problem I was told that the web application I was reviewing conformed with the Three-Layered Services Application pattern. I started taking a closer look at the code and found that the web app had one solution that contains a web...
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T3 Service Studio – The ultimate tool for testing your web services and WCF services

10 בNovember 2008

Hi During my work I developed many web services and now WCF services, I encountered a very useful tool called Web Service studio which allows invoking web method without writing any code - gives the ability to test web service without any client code. The tool was great but far from perfect: I encountered some bugs, the UI was in my opinion not as clear and comfortable as it could be and the main problem was not supporting WCF. So me and my friends: Ami Yolovich and Anat Katz started developing in our spare time our own web service studio - we...

Using Generic Parameter as an Attribute constructor parameter

31 בOctober 2008

Hi all, it's been long while since the last time I wrote (I just wasn't in the mood....). recently I encountered something interesting in my opinion related to generic so I wanted to share it and hear your comments. It all started with a simple task: my task was to implement generic custom control (Win Forms) that contains PropertyGrid and sets the selected object property to given object. the additional requirement was that in case the object has default constructor allowing creating new instance on the given object. the control implementation is very simple (my example is in form...
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SVCUtil Generating WCF client and the is field specified issue

6 בSeptember 2008

Hi all In my previous post: Automatic updating service (WCF) reference I'm using the SVCUtil to generate the client proxy, I notice a very annoying issue: the client that was generated contained additional field for each value type field: bool  <name of the value type field>IsFieldSpecified. for example: public long Id{ get { return this.idField; } set { this.idField = value; }}/// <remarkspublic bool IdSpecified{ ...
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Automatic updating service (WCF) reference or Automatic updating web reference .NET (Part 2)

29 בAugust 2008

This post is the part 2 of the post Automatic updating web reference .NET it's deals with the same problems and solutions with one important different: we are using WCF service instead of Web Service. The Solutions (from the previous post) Runtime proxy solution. Build process solution. 1. Runtime WCF proxy solution I searched around the web and found several solutions but all of them were partial: they all needed WSDL and supports only HTTP binding (I'm using TCP binding). Please tell me if you have any suggestions. I'm currently working on...
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Dependency Injection and the Unity Application Block

10 בAugust 2008

Hi Recently I upgraded my application to use enterprise library 4.0 (May 2008) and notice a new application block was added called Unity. What is the Unity application block? MSDN - A lightweight, extensible dependency injection container, and I will add that Unity is DI (Dependency Injection) framework. So what is DI (a name coined by Martin Fowler, Rod Johnson and the PicoContainer team in late 2003)  and what is it good for ? Well DI is specific form of inversion of control where the concern being inverted is the process of obtaining the needed dependency (from wikipedia). In...
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