Windows Build- my first impressions

15 בSeptember 2011

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Well I’m here at Anaheim enjoying every second (I’m a geek what can I say). Wanted to share some of my thoughts. I’ll just note that these word are written using new cool Win 8 Samsung tablet.


So I heard a lot of keywords and pieces of information in the passed days here are some:

  • Immersive
  • Fast and Fluid
  • Modern
  • Metro style
  • WinRT
  • HTML5/JS
  • Application Contracts

I’m still digesting all the information but there is one issue that really amazed me because it can really cause revolution in application capabilities. Windows 8 really bring new perspective on how applications should behave and interact.

I’m talking about the keyword "Application Contracts” (e.g. sharing contract, picker contract, Search contract…) , when looking on it from the software architecture perspective: the infrastructure is the OS (windows) and application may considered as modules all part of a one large application. Everybody knows that a good design is keeping the modules decoupled but enable interaction between them using plugin/IoC infrastructure – like MEF. Microsoft is bringing the same notion to the Metro Application using Win 8 (the infrastructure) enabling plugin infrastructure – Application Contracts. This way application may expose itself in decoupled way and consume other applications services without even know about each other. So Microsoft is introducing new application plugin infrastructure – thinking about it this can really give us new generation of application that speaks with one another and enhance each other – the example I can think of is GPS locator application that expose his search capabilities consumed by social network application allows the user to know what are his friends location.


Re-imagine this…

Cheers Offir

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