WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 2

23 בJuly 2011

start with reading WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 1. Can it be ? I asked this question over and over – because WCF is clearly faster (see Eyal Vardi comment in part 1). I tried several Binding options including some custom binding , I asked some people to look at my code and up to now no one has manage to contradict my benchmark. I invite each one of you to try (write you own tester) my contract is simple: public interface IPerfService { DataSet LoadDataSet(DataSet...
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WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 1

3 בJuly 2011

Background It’s all started when I encountered a strange behavior in one of the systems I work on. The system is a legacy system that uses a simple client server architecture implementing using web service – this was pre-WCF time so the options were only .NET remoting and web services. Now as part of major refactoring process of the system we decided to replace the communication layer from WS to WCF. The motivation is obvious: Alignment with Microsoft latest infrastructure. performance improvement – http to TCP/ Binary encoding....