Automatic updating service (WCF) reference or Automatic updating web reference .NET (Part 2)

29 בAugust 2008

This post is the part 2 of the post Automatic updating web reference .NET it's deals with the same problems and solutions with one important different: we are using WCF service instead of Web Service. The Solutions (from the previous post) Runtime proxy solution. Build process solution. 1. Runtime WCF proxy solution I searched around the web and found several solutions but all of them were partial: they all needed WSDL and supports only HTTP binding (I'm using TCP binding). Please tell me if you have any suggestions. I'm currently working on...
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Dependency Injection and the Unity Application Block

10 בAugust 2008

Hi Recently I upgraded my application to use enterprise library 4.0 (May 2008) and notice a new application block was added called Unity. What is the Unity application block? MSDN - A lightweight, extensible dependency injection container, and I will add that Unity is DI (Dependency Injection) framework. So what is DI (a name coined by Martin Fowler, Rod Johnson and the PicoContainer team in late 2003)  and what is it good for ? Well DI is specific form of inversion of control where the concern being inverted is the process of obtaining the needed dependency (from wikipedia). In...
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