Automatic updating web reference .NET

24 בMay 2008

Hi all In this post I'll discuss the problems and solutions regarding an assembly or web site containing a web reference (using a web service) to a web service that had its schema modified and updating web reference is needed. The Problem You have an assembly or web site containing a Web Reference and the web service schema is modified. The possible modification result will be: Runtime error - calling to a web method that it's prototype changed or the web method has been removed. No Error just empty result - one of the parameter names is modified (even only upper to lower...

ASP.NET Error Handling Using HttpModule, Full and Partial Post Back (Ajax UpdatePanel)

17 בMay 2008

This post is the reason for me opening a blog. Recently I encountered a very simple problem that took me around 3 days to solve. I found many posts on this issue but nothing was what I needed. My task was quite simple I wanted a single point of logic to deal with the fatal errors: When an error occurs that is not a result of invalid input by the user - and we cannot recover from it. exception we didn't or couldn't catch (unhandled exceptions). I must say that most of my experience is with server side so my knowledge in...

My First Post(take 2)

14 בMay 2008

Hi My name is Offir Shvartz. I Have around 5 years experience in .NET mainly server side and some client side.I currently work at super derivatives as software infrastructure team leader. So to be continue...