App Fabric cache Issue – Local Cache items are evicted using IIS

29 בJanuary 2014

Local Cache One of the best features of app fabric cache is Local cache(near cache). The local cache is “in process” (in memory) cache of items that was recently used. The great thing is how items in this cache are invalidate. The local cache has two methods: Timeout base – trivial Notification base – meaning each time interval (default is 300 ms) the local cache will get a list of modification made on items from the distributed cache and invalidate only those who changed. (Note: the notification should be enable in the named cache side) The notification method is pretty awesome because it...

AppFabric Caching Service Using SSL

1 בFebruary 2013

I really like AppFabric distributed cache (previously called Velocity). It’s so simple to use and it has really strong features like notification based local cache. It basically has two versions, one is targeting for on premise and one is for the cloud (Azure). The API is similar which makes it very easy to move your application in later phases to the cloud. But back to my customer which security was a strong requirement because of the nature of his system which I won’t mention here but I’m sure you get the idea. His security requirements are that all connection...

Azure Table Storage – limitations and solutions/workarounds(Part 2)

19 בSeptember 2012

This is part two of 2 parts posts discussing the limitations in Azure table storage. It’s highly recommended to read first Part 1. In this part I will discuss the querying limitations. Using table storage as your persistence layer – you need to be able to query the storage efficiently. The .NET layer above Table Storage (CloudTableClient) exposes the CreateQuery method that returns DataServiceQuery that implements IQueryable<T>public DataServiceQuery<T> CreateQuery<T>(string entitySetName); meaning you can write whatever LINQ query you want and it will compile – but only a very small subset is supported as described here – Query Operators (Table Service...
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Azure Table Storage – limitations and solutions/workarounds(Part 1)

13 בAugust 2012

Azure table storage – is the NoSQL storage key/value based part of Microsoft Azure cloud services. If you are not familiar with Azure table storage I recommend you to first read here. Recently I was working on a very simple application that is hosted on the cloud (simple web role). My previous experience with NoSQL was mostly using RavenDB (which I really love…) but in this application it was the natural decision to use the out of the box cloud NoSQL storage. Getting started was really easy thanks to the great documentation we have online but when I started...

TPL Data Flow Debugger Visualizer

5 בJune 2012

TPL Data Flow I first encounter TPL data flow (part of .NET 4.5 - TPL DTF) during the build conference (I attended last year) but I must say I didn’t get it then. It sounded too much like RX which I was familiar with. Recently during one of my projects that required high performance CPU bounded – high throughput and low latency my colleague Alon the gave the idea – why not using TPL data flow and from then my world changed forever. It’s amazing to how many systems this technology can be...
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WCF 4.5 Configuration from external source

1 בApril 2012

WCF 4.5 There is a lot new in WCF 4.5 you can get the full list Here. It always amaze me how much is added from version to version – and the additions are important (UDP, Web Socket binding ext.) One specific feature caught my eye – Configuring WCF Services in Code. It adds the possibility to setup WCF parameters after it was deployed or when you don’t have access to SerivceHost object. This is done by a simple static function you can add to your service implementation: public static void Configure(ServiceConfiguration...

Windows Build- my first impressions

15 בSeptember 2011

Well I’m here at Anaheim enjoying every second (I’m a geek what can I say). Wanted to share some of my thoughts. I’ll just note that these word are written using new cool Win 8 Samsung tablet.   So I heard a lot of keywords and pieces of information in the passed days here are some: Immersive Fast and Fluid Modern Metro style WinRT HTML5/JS Application Contracts …...
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WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 2

23 בJuly 2011

start with reading WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 1. Can it be ? I asked this question over and over – because WCF is clearly faster (see Eyal Vardi comment in part 1). I tried several Binding options including some custom binding , I asked some people to look at my code and up to now no one has manage to contradict my benchmark. I invite each one of you to try (write you own tester) my contract is simple: public interface IPerfService { DataSet LoadDataSet(DataSet...
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WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 1

3 בJuly 2011

Background It’s all started when I encountered a strange behavior in one of the systems I work on. The system is a legacy system that uses a simple client server architecture implementing using web service – this was pre-WCF time so the options were only .NET remoting and web services. Now as part of major refactoring process of the system we decided to replace the communication layer from WS to WCF. The motivation is obvious: Alignment with Microsoft latest infrastructure. performance improvement – http to TCP/ Binary encoding....