Installing DHCP Relay Agent on Windows Server 2008

11 בינואר 2009

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    hello again friends, 

    If we have 2 sites and one DHCP Server (or one LAN with a router between the clients and the DHCP Server), we knows that router is blocking broadcasts and the clients that lives on the other side of the router cannot get IP Configuration from the main DHCP, In windows server 2008 there is a new feature that help us to deal with this difficulty, the solution is DHCP Relay Agent.

    All you have to do is configuring this feature on the DHCPless side of the router and boom, your end clients can easily get IP configurations through the router.


     Step by step:


  1. Install windows server 2008 with routing and remote access on the DHCP less side of the router.

  2. Under IPv4/6, right click general and click new routing protocol

  3. From the drop down list choose "DHCP Relay Agent" then It will be automatically add this protocol into your console.

  4. Now the last thing you left to do is to configure the DHCP Server IP address on the DHCP less interface:

    1. Right click "DHCP Relay Agent" and click "New interface"

    1. Choose the interface that represent the side that don’t have DHCP Server.



    That’s all, try to dynamically assign a IP address on a client on the DHCP less Site And check if it work.




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5 תגובות

  1. chirag14 ביולי 2009 ב 19:28

    iam haivng the 4pc one i have instal the 2k8 and make it as server

    if i want to configure the dhcp relay agent and zone transfer how can i pls give me the detail by step by step process

    thank you

  2. בינואר 2011 ב 16:21

    last step is on DHCP Relay properties
    add ip tha go to DHCP

  3. Sansao Monjane13 בספטמבר 2011 ב 23:01

    Hello, is there any configuration i need to do on the router?

  4. Tony D16 בנובמבר 2011 ב 10:57

    Which IP addresses the DHCPLess site will obtains?