Subversion Support for Visual Studio

יום שישי, יולי 20, 2012

More than a year ago I wrote about using VisualSVN+TortoiseSVN for managing source control under windows. VisualSVN offers a free SVN server and TortoiseSVN offers a free management tool for managing the server directly from Windows Explorer A few month ago I started to use a Visual Studio extension named AnkhSVN to manage SVN directly from Visual Studio without the need to work from Windows Explorer. I really enjoying using AnkhSVN. It is simple and lightweight To install AnkhSVN open Visual Studio and go to Tools | Extension Manager Select AnkhSVN and then Install....
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Source Control with SVN

יום שישי, אפריל 22, 2011

Since 2005 I've been mostly working with Microsoft Team Foundation Server to manage my source code. Before that I had the chance to work with Microsoft Source Safe and even a bit with WinCVS (for self projects) These days I am back again working on a self project and need to share my source code with two other developers. All roads led me to SVN.I was quite surprised how easily an SVN server can be installed and manipulated from Windows Explorer. So I decided to share this info with you. There are several implementations of SVN server you can use. I...