Mobile Icons

יום שבת, פברואר 14, 2015

You know why I like Twitter's Bootstrap? Because of the Icon gallery I don't know what about you but for me it was always a challenge finding a nice icon gallery that fits my application needs. I used several commercial libraries but even then I found the supplied icon gallery to be quite limited Bootstrap has a nice icon gallery which are vector based (not pixel) which means you can enlarge each image and quality is kept. So, why am I telling you about it? Bootstrap is not new to anyone Well, I just found that they add additional images to their icon...
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CSS Pixel Insenity

יום ראשון, פברואר 1, 2015

There are lots of articles trying to explain what is a pixel from CSS perspective. Here are the most popular ones A pixel is not a pixel is not a pixel A Pixel Identity Crisis Probably the most important knowledge base is the formal W3C document CSS Values and Units Module Level 3 If you read those articles and are still struggling to understand the true meaning of CSS pixel than keep reading. Instead of just tell you the formal definition lets take a practical path to defining a CSS pixel iPhone 3GS has a screen resolution of 320 x 480 iPhone 4 has a screen resolution...
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The magical vertical_align

יום ראשון, דצמבר 7, 2014

CSS is a nightmare ... Most web developers I know hate to fix/touch their CSS Have you ever had the chance to play with the vertical_align property? There are cases where you change the vertical_align property of one element but it actually effects another one. There are many blogs/posts about the common misconception of using vertical_align but none of them explain the internals of it. At last, I found a serious designer which decided to deep dive into W3C specification and explain the full picture. His name Christopher Aue. Click here to read his post Be aware, it is not fun ...
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