Cleaning after Knockout

29 בינואר 2013

Using KnockoutJS is really fun. You set some data-bind attributes on your HTML and KnockoutJS does the magic of binding it to a JavaScript object (A.K.A, view model) An important fact that most of us are missing is that Knockout holds some internal data structure to manage its magic. Basically, every time you call ko.applyBindings a new management record is added to KO internal representation. This means that your view model is being held by some global data managed by KO. So in case you create and destroy HTML dynamically using JavaScript the view model is...

WDCIL Session – Building Single Page Application

16 בינואר 2013

Yesterday I had the chance to deliver a very interesting session about building single page application to the Israeli web developer community. The WDCIL is really a cool place to here a lot about web technologies. The session was quite unique in the sense that it was focused about building infrastructure for creating SPA and was less focused about building the application itself During the session I demonstrated how one can take Backbone, Knockout, Q and of course ASP.NET MVC and create a nice environment for building SPA while using client side scripting best practices. Sample and...
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