Building Single Page Application

23 באוגוסט 2012

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Taking HTML to the extreme is all about developing Single Page Application (SPA). Fetch all required HTML + JavaScript + CSS files from the server and then use the server only for data manipulation. No more “HTML server side rendering” and no more “partial page updates”.

Doing so allow you to offer your end users a much more attractive user experience. For example, since all required files are up front loaded to the browser we can use HTML5 Offline Web Application feature to allow our web application to be executed on the client machine even if the server is down.

How can we start develop such an application? No easy answer. For sure it requires you to write a lot of JavaScript code. If you are still intimidated by JavaScript then you should re-think your approach regarding it. JavaScript is not that lovely but still very powerful. Is the only language that allows you a real cross platform/cross device development.

Is there any framework that can help us? Actually, there are many. Yesterday I encountered a very interesting post by Steven Sanderson (the creator of Knockout) about libraries and frameworks for building SPA. You should really read that post and if you like it go and register to Steven’s RSS. He does not write often, but when he does, it is usually very interesting.

If you like so see a real demonstration of building SPA using Knockout and other libraries you are welcomed to a free lecture delivered by me at John Bryce college. Here are the details. Hope to see you there …

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