ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta – MSDN Session at Microsoft

14 במאי 2012


Today I delivered yet another MSDN session at Microsoft. This time it was about ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta.

The biggest news for this version is a new template project named Single Page Application (SPA).

Implementing SPA is now possible using several client libraries like Knockout, upshot and History.

Those libraries combined with ASP.NET Web API allow us to write desktop/mobile like application using web technologies.

All samples and PPTs introduced during the session can be found here

I hope you enjoyed the session and while reading those words you are already in the middle of MVC 4 installation process …

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  1. Michael15 במאי 2012 ב 12:55

    Hi Ori!
    It was amazing and very helpful event.
    Unfortunately, I cannot install VS 2011, since I use Windows XP.
    Is there possibility to publish your samples in VS 2010 environment?


  2. oric16 במאי 2012 ב 10:35

    Look at the same SkyDrive link.

    VS 2010 samples were added.

  3. Neal 29 במאי 2012 ב 2:31

    Knockout part of your 2010 Samples cannot create game and says "Failed to send new game to server" – I think you have missed part of being able to select players…