23 במרץ 2012


If you haven’t watch this video yet then go do it now !!!

IMHO, one of the most interesting videos lately. Steve Sanderson from MS introduces ASP.NET MVC 4 combined with Upshot, Knockout and History.

Using these technologies you can much easier develop a Mobile/Desktop like applications for the web.

Knockout allows you to bind the local data to the UI, Upshot manages the interaction with the server and even can save data locally in case server is down and History manages the browser navigation system for you.

One aspect that feels like missing is managing client side views in a central place. Currently, it looks as if the Developer need to come with his own client side view management system. In the video you will see some tricks that Steve is using to overcome this limitation.

Enjoy, …

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  1. Jason Thomas7 ביוני 2013 ב 4:31

    IS there any source code from this guy. I wanna model my learning process off of this guys awesome lectures

  2. oric20 באוגוסט 2013 ב 21:07

    He is the author of Knockout which is open source. See website at