23 במרץ 2012

If you haven’t watch this video yet then go do it now !!! IMHO, one of the most interesting videos lately. Steve Sanderson from MS introduces ASP.NET MVC 4 combined with Upshot, Knockout and History. Using these technologies you can much easier develop a Mobile/Desktop like applications for the web. Knockout allows you to bind the local data to the UI, Upshot manages the interaction with the server and even can save data locally in case server is down and History manages the browser navigation system for you. One aspect that feels like missing is...

Are you using Cassette?

20 במרץ 2012

ASP.NET 4.5 Developer Preview introduces a new capability to manage scripts bundling and minification. You can read about it here. However, the current implementation lacks a very important aspect of scripts management which is managing the dependencies. As you know, when referencing a single script file you also need to reference all its dependencies. Wouldn't it be nice if someone automatically injects the right dependencies? Enter Cassette world ... Cassette is an HttpModule which seats inside ASP.NET pipeline and monitors requests for scripts and CSS. Cassette can automatically bundle and minify your code and even more interesting it can parse each...