Implement an HTML table using DIVs

24 בדצמבר 2011

This is quite an old topic but still when browsing through some popular forums I still encounter the following question: "How can I implement a table using DIVs and control the width of each column?" Before digging into the implementation I would like to share my thoughts regarding the old TABLE vs. DIV war:In the old days web developers used TABLE tag for displaying a tabular data and for controlling the layout of the page.These days it seems as everyone hates TABLE and tries to use DIV instead for both tasks. I don't share the same feelings.I use TABLE for tabular...

Make Authorize Filter Transfer instead of Redirect

4 בדצמבר 2011

Full sample can be found here  Authorize filter is great. You can throw it on an action/controller and user access is automatically controlled by the filter itself. However, when using it you probably noticed that when the user does not have sufficient permission (A.K.A not part of the relevant role) he is redirected by the filter to the logon view. I hope you agree with me that a better approach (from user perspective) is to display a message like "You are not authorized to perform this operation" while maintaining the same URL the user requested so he will be able to understand...
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