Running with IE9 Beta and Visual Studio 2010

23 בנובמבר 2010


As some of you probably noticed, there is a strange behaviour when working with IE9 beta and Visual Studio 2010

The issues I encuntered are as follow:

  1. Visual Studio might stuck (the title gets a postfix of "Not Responding") when running your application

  2. IE might stuck for a few seconds (up until 45 seconds). Only when IE resumes then Visual Studio becomes responsive again

  3. IE cannot display the web page. An error is displayed stating that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

There are many posts on the internet regarding some of the issues. Most posts are refering only to issue number 3. According to  the posts the one to blaim is IE9 for openning too fast, even before Casini (your ASP.NET Developement Server) starts

The best configuration I found is:

  1. Uncomment the " localhost" line in your hosts file located under "c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts"

  2. Ensure the "::1 localhost" line is commented

  3. Configure IE9 to open links from other programs in a new window (instead of a new tab). Go to Tools | Internet Options | General | Tabs | Settings | Open links from other programs in: | A new window

  4. Run your web pages using F5 (with debugging) instead of CTRL+F5 (without debugging)

  5. Disable ASP.NET debugging to speed up the initiation process of Visual Studio. Select your project from Solution Explorer | Properties | Web | Debuggers | uncheck ASP.NET

  6. If IE9 is still not responding check the Task Manager. I found that many times after closing Visual Studio it is still running in the background (this is a bug). After terminating it, IE9 becomes responsive again.

Hope this will work out for you too


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  1. Jef Claes11 בינואר 2011 ב 15:56

    Thanks. Step 2 fixed it for me (so far).

  2. kooboobird16 ביוני 2012 ב 4:17

    It's really help. Thanks a lot.