Running with IE9 Beta and Visual Studio 2010

23 בנובמבר 2010

As some of you probably noticed, there is a strange behaviour when working with IE9 beta and Visual Studio 2010 The issues I encuntered are as follow: Visual Studio might stuck (the title gets a postfix of "Not Responding") when running your application IE might stuck for a few seconds (up until 45 seconds). Only when IE resumes then Visual Studio becomes responsive again IE cannot display the web page. An error is displayed stating that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" There are many posts on the internet regarding some of the issues. Most posts are refering only to issue number 3. According to  the...

Using Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC 3

12 בנובמבר 2010

ASP.NET MVC 3 RC has improved the way a developer can integrate IoC/DI container into his project. In this post, I will explain the way you can easily integrate 3rd party IoC container into your MVC 3 project. The full sample can be found here Install IoC Container  To begin, you first need to install an implementation of a IoC container. Any implementation will do, for example Microsoft Unity library and Castle Windsor library. Actually, with the presence of the new NuGet package manager it is easy to integrate with both implementation. In this demo I will use Microsoft Unity library but the...