Microsoft CCR: clean way to write parallel code in .Net

4 בפברואר 2008

Having to parallelize almost every bit of code here at Delver, some common patterns emerged while we wrote a lot of back-end code.I remember reading about a new framework from Microsoft Robotics Division called "Microsoft CCR" (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime) a few months ago in the "concurrent affairs" column at the MSDN Magazine but I didn't pay much attention to it at the time. Two weeks ago, it jumped back to my mind so I revisit the article and started diving a little deeper into it, thinking about what sort of problems it can solve in my world and if it does, where could...
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Semingo, Delver, Demo, What a rush!

25 בינואר 2008

Alright alright, so I didn't post anything for... a decade or so. but I'm here (at the office that is) all day long, being a part of a great Team, building the greatest\coolest piece of software I've ever dream of.I promised myself that I'll be short this time so here it goes, Oren's 60 seconds update: We've changed our name from Semingo to Delver (delver: (n) deep thinker; one who investigates data). Hopefully (if God will hear his little buddy here), the phrase "To delve" will catch up with the scary "Google-it". We're going to show our product to the world at the DEMO conference (28-30 January, yes,...
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How to store billions of tasks?

18 בנובמבר 2007

Imagine that you're living with one hell of a crazy wife. Every day she's giving you bunch of tasks. "Mow the grass", "water the plants", "take out the garbage", "replace the light in the kitchen", "build a fence" etc. For every task you complete, she goes bananas and create 10,000 more on the spot, all related to the task itself ("build a fence" leads to "paint the fence", "put a nice sign on the fence", "practice your wax-on, wax-off" … you get the drift). Reluctant to perform all of these tasks but smart enough to know that you'll lose at least...
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Visual Studio .Net 2005 Colors

15 בנובמבר 2007

Well this is mostly a good backup-post, but heck maybe a few other (VERY COOL) geeks will find it interesting. Looking for some cool IDE colors\fonts, I came up with this:     I based my colors on ZenBurn.The font I'm using is Consolas.Read all about it in Jeff Atwood's post. You can download MY version here: OrenEllenbogen_DarkSchema.rar (58 KB) Note: if you're using ReSharper you'll have to disable the "Highlight current line" option. 
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Can you build software like House ?

20 באוקטובר 2007

What is more important to you - having the brightest dude in the world in your team, doing his magic with God-like authority or real "together-will-conquer-the-world" Team work? Tricky question...   For those of you who don't know the TV series "House", this is your wake up call! Go see it. Now. Seriously.Well, if you don't have the time or you're just too damn eager to read my post, we'll, "you're an idiot!", but that's your right so I'll give you a short summary: Dr. House, played by the genius actor Hugh Laurie, is the go-to-guy for all the rare...
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Scrum Clan

10 באוקטובר 2007

Moti and I have decided to form an invite-only Scrum Clan.We would like to tag Pasha Bitz (snapshot below) as the 3rd clan member. Pasha, choose carefully, you can only tag one Scrum-Lover like yourself to this distinguish clan ;) p.s - If you want to be part of the Scrum Clan, please drop a comment and you *might* get an invitation...                                                                                       Scrum Rules !
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No, THAT is not Agile

10 בספטמבר 2007

Let me start with an out-loud recap of this post: Agile is not something you can put on a bread nor is it "a certain path to success". It's about STATE OF MIND. If I had to describe the meaning of "Agile" to a new teammate I would say: Agile is a constant thinking about how we, AS A TEAM, can produce working features to our users with high quality within a short time-frame. Don't worry:It's really OK to provide only a subset of feature(s) in one sprint. It's really OK to leave SOME designing\architecture issues for later on as...
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Making WCF Proxy useable

6 בספטמבר 2007

The way WCF proxies are designed is to live until shi* happens. Let's assume that we have a CalcualtorService with one method named Divide(int a, int b). Sasha, a cool programmer-dude, trying to produce some usefull software writes: public MyCalcualtorForm : Form {   private CalculatorProxy _calc = new CalculatorProxy();   Calc_Click(...) {      _calc.Divide(firstNumber, secondNumber);   }} What is the first error you can think of that could happen? Yep, DivideByZeroException.Once the proxy gets an exception, it enters into a "Faulted" state which makes the proxy unusable(=you cannot use it again). The quickest solution is to work "by the book" and create a new instance each and every time we need...
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Continuous Integration as Quality Reflection

3 בספטמבר 2007

One of the most common question in moving towards Agile Development is "Where should I start from?". If you'll ask me, setup a Continuous Integration (aka "CC") would be the first thing you should start with. Step 1 (Check for compilation bugs): Code Quality ~= 30% The CC should be able to identify check-ins to your source control, get the latest source and compile it. The output should be either "green" (Everything compiles successfully with 0 warnings) or "red" (more than one warning or compilation errors). In addition to the fast feedback, the output should also include the files that were changed...
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Another day at the office

26 ביולי 2007

A few pearls from the office: Pasha: Damn, I like TDD so much. Writing a 5 minutes piece of code takes about a day (sarcastic tone, of course). Aviel: in my case, code does not come from my head but rather from my heart.Pasha: I saw your code. It comes from your ass. Me: Integration environment is the Tamagochi of an Agile Team (Phone ringing, Pasha answers) Robert: I'm Robert. Pasha: I'm Robert. Robert: I'm Robert. Pasha: I'm not Robert, I'm Pasha. Robert: Oh, My bad. Pasha: Bye then. (end of conversation).
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