Sela Developer Practice 2014 – Cross Browser Platform with Selenium

30 בדצמבר 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure presenting at Sela Developer Practice Conference a session about e2e web application testing with Selenium. As I promised I uploaded the presentation to my blog, even though it's not that active anymore... You can find the presentation here: Thank you for attending my session.    
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How to create test results repository using SQL

27 באוגוסט 2013

In one of my previous posts I was talking about how you can write test results to a text file using a logger: Analyzing Coded UI Tests Using Text Log In this post we'll store the results to a DB (SQL). First make sure to create a DB and a table the result records will be stored to. You'll need the next columns: Datetime, Testname, Message, Exception and Stacktrace. Open the logger we've created in the previous post: Analyzing Coded UI Tests Using Text Log Add a new class to connect to SQL and insert the records...

Refactoring Your Testing Code Using TestContext Part 2

4 ביולי 2013

In the last post I explained on how you can use TestContext as part of code re-factoring. In this post I'll explain how you can use TestContext to add files to the Visual Studio output and can use them to analyse test results. If you are not new to testing using Visual Studio (Unit/Coded UI Tests) the You are probably familiar with Collecting Diagnostic Information with Data Adapters . You can collect IntelliTrace Data to help debugging difficult issues or record a video of an automated test in order to easily reproduce rough bugs. There is...

Refactoring Your Testing Code Using TestContext Part 1

23 ביוני 2013

You may familiar with using TestContext when writing unit tests. The use of TestContext in Coded UI is quite similar; TestContext class stores information that is related to these tests, such as the path to the test directory or in data-driven to provide access to the data row. In this post I'll show how you can use the TestContext for your Coded UI Tests. Using TestName Property: When executing a Coded UI Test, the TestContext also store the Test Name, this means you can decide which methods to execute and which one to...

Creating Wix setup for VSIX

15 ביוני 2013

When you start working with Wix (Windows Installer XML) you realize it one of the most powerful installers, even thought it is not easy to learn, mostly due to the lack of good documentation. In this post I'll explain how to include a Visual Studio extension package in a Wix MSI Setup. First create your Wix Project under the same solution with the VS Extension Package. Find the Source File (Product.wsx), the original file will look like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Wix xmlns="">       <Product Id="*" Name="SetupProject1" Language="1033" Version="" Manufacturer="" UpgradeCode="9eb18040-74a0-4cf7-9aa5-d7f9f854c314">              <Package InstallerVersion="200" Compressed="yes" InstallScope="perMachine" />               <MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="A newer...
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Resolving HTTP 411 Length Required in Web Requests

9 במאי 2013

I recently ran into an issue while performing load tests for one my customers using Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate. When web request is failing with an HTTP 411 Length Required response. This particular request was with no body content and since Visual Studio uses an interanl header collection class to allow for a single collection per request to make the code efficient, however the internal code does not add a content-length when the length is zero and then we end up with HTTP 411 Length Required.. The work around is quite simple - just by adding...
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How to collect errors within a Coded UI Test run

20 בפברואר 2013

In my last post I presented you a way to save exceptions and informative data to text logs. in most cases you will also use asserts to validate you get the desired response from the tested application. If you have failed your first Assert, other asserts will not be executed, and you won't get any information from them. When you are testing complex distributed applications you may want the ability to still get this information and save time on continue testing the application without removing any assert or using Playback.PlaybackSettings.ContinueOnError = true; This is...

Analyzing Coded UI Tests Using Text Log

16 בפברואר 2013

If you are familiar with Coded UI Testing or any other automated testing framework, you already know that the value of writinng textual data to a file throughout the progression of an automated test is essential. in most cases this will save you a lot of time, having the ability to go back to inspect exceptions and explore them with more depth. Step 1: Open your project and create the class for the logger: As you can see I can control whenever I want to disable or enable writing data to the log...
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Creating DDT (Data Driven Tests) using Coded UI on VS2012

20 בינואר 2013

For those who are using VS 2010 You're likely familiar with using "New Test Data Source Wizard" when you want to create Data Driven Tests. Choosing either CSV, XML file or DB connection will add the parameters and the data source to the TestMethod. In Visual Studio 2012 there were slight changes, I this post I'll instruct you how to create DDT for Coded UI. First, create your data source, for this example we will use an XML as a data source. Open Visual Studio 2012, Right click on your Test Project and add new XML file. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><UserData><Users>  <FirstName>Oren</FirstName> ...