News from Home – SharePoint 2007 SP3 & SQL Server 2012 !

20 באוקטובר 2011

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Just got the TechNet Flash mail and I was really happy to read new
information about great products that's need to be come out very soon !

My top stories:

SharePoint 2007 Server – SP3 will come out within the next few
months, its going to include all the CU's from the SP2 until now and even more
than that, like Microsoft sad, this going to be for my opinion the last Service
Pack for SP2007 before we say goodbye (End of Life – April 2012).

"Denali" Revealed as SQL Server 2012 !
After working with CTP1 and CTP3 on my Dev ENV at my work place
and participating the TAP program of SQL "Denali" I can say that it's a great
news and I know about really amazing and great features on that version of SQL

As soon as I can I will write a POST about the new version of the SQL Server
that's need to coming out in the beginning of 2012.
Please read this post about the last news.


And I want to say, Gilad Shalit – WELCOME HOME ! – this is the
real best news ever my friends ..

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one comment

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