How to overcome the CLR fusion limitation

יום שני, ינואר 10, 2011

There are cases where you would be interested to load an assembly from a different directory then the root dir of your .net application. When you’ll try to do so you will face with the limitation of the fusion process (assembly loading process) – this limitation limits you to load assemblies from underneath the root dir of your application in order to guard your app from dll hell. In order to overcome this limitation you can use the old plain Unix trick… create a symbolic link to the file… there is a small utility called mklink which lets...

Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools is out !

יום שני, יוני 7, 2010

Pro Power Tools just had been released to the Visual Studio Gallery today ! This cool little add-on really add things that Microsoft forgot to add to Visual Studio… Things like: Searchable Add Reference Dialog The new Add Reference dialog makes it faster and easier for you to find the reference that you are looking for and add it to your VB, C# or F# project.  Before: After: Highlight Current Line As the resolution of monitors increases,...

Developer Academy 4 DVD (Video and ppt)

יום רביעי, מרץ 24, 2010

I’ve just noticed that someone was quick and wrapped all of the videos and PowerPoint slides from the Microsoft Developer Academy 4 to a DVD iso file and it is available on Rapidshare. So if you want to view the sessions offline hurry up grab it and burn your own Dev Academy 4 DVD. ...

Ness Tziona Usergroup 1 Year Birthday Party

יום שני, נובמבר 23, 2009

Last Wednesday we celebrated a year of community work with the Ness Tziona Usergroup ! The meeting which included a lecture by Pavel about What’s new in C# 4.0 & Visual Studio 2010 grouped together more than 100 attendees who enjoyed a great lecture, 2 cakes, lots of pizza slices, balloon and a handful of books that were given over the presentation. C-Ya on our next meeting. Ohad.    
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Whats new in CSharp 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010

יום שלישי, נובמבר 17, 2009

The Ness Tziona Usergroup is celebrating 1 year of work on Wednesday the 18th ! During the upcoming meeting we will have a session with Pavel about what is new in C# 4.0 ad Visual Studio 2010 – this session will be similar to the session that was delivered in Microsoft some time ago with some tweaks here and there, the session will also include a birthday party to group with lots of surprises. You are not required to bring a present in order to take a part in the birthday part :-) You are welcome...

What’s new in Visual C# 4.0 ? – Part 3 – Dynamic ExpendoObject

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 27, 2009

This is the third post of what’s new in Visual Studio C# 4.0. At the former posts we covered optional parameters, Named Parameters at this post we will cover C# Dynamics and ExpandoObject dynamic & ExpendoObject C# 1.0 introduced us to the managed world (based on Microsoft perception) C# 2.0 brought us Genetic types. C# 3.0 introduced us to new concept – LINQ C# 4.0 highlight is all about Dynamic Types Say for example that you have the need to create an object on the spot and use it in a local scope, without dynamic type you had to define a class and then create...

What's new in Visual C# 4.0 ? – Part 2 – Names Parameters

This is the second post of what’s new in Visual Studio C# 4.0. At the former post we reviewed the feature of optional parameters at this post we will concentrate on Named Parameters. Named Parameters Lets assume you are writing the following procedure : public static void SaySomething(string name, string msg)         {             Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Hi {0} !\n{1}", name,msg));         } When you want to call it from your code you are using something like: Code Snippet static void Main(string args)         {             SaySomething("Ohad","What's up?");             Console.ReadLine();         } What’s the problem ? Although you will have intellisense while you are coding it for the reader of the code its unclear what is the first parameter and what is the second...

What's new in Visual C# 4.0 ? – Part 1 – Optional parameters

This is the first blog from a series of blog post which I'm planning to do on whet’s new in Visual C# 4.0 Optional parameters Optional parameters is a new feature in C# 4.0 which will let you set a default value for an argument of a method. In case that the collie of the method will omit the argument the default value will take its place. So instead of writing the following code: class Program     {         static void Main(string args)         {             SaySomething();             SaySomething("Ohad");             Console.ReadLine();         }         public static void SaySomething()         {             Console.WriteLine("Hi !");         }         public static void SaySomething(string name)         {             Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Hi {0}!",name));         }     } You will only have to write: class Program     {         static void Main(string args)         {             SaySomething();             SaySomething("Ohad");             Console.ReadLine();         }         public static void SaySomething(string name = "")         {             Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Hi...
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Download Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (No need for MSDN)

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 22, 2009

As for today you can download Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 even if you don’t have access to MSDN. Just follow the links below and download your favorite version. Visual Studio Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (web bootstrapper) Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (.ISO) Visual Studio 2010 Premium (web bootstrapper) Visual Studio 2010 Premium (.ISO) Visual Studio 2010 Professional (web bootstrapper) Visual Studio 2010 Professional (.ISO) Visual Studio 2010 Remote Debugger Visual Studio Extensibility ...
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Visual Studio 2010 Training Sources

Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4 Training Kit The October preview of the Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4 Training Kit which has content that had been tested with Beta 2 is ready for download. Download: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit Training Course on Channel 9 Channel 9 launches an online learning center that will play host to developer focused training courses created by developers for developers.  The videos and labs, with links to extensive training kits, will get you started on hands-on-learning...
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