How to overcome the CLR fusion limitation

יום שני, ינואר 10, 2011

There are cases where you would be interested to load an assembly from a different directory then the root dir of your .net application. When you’ll try to do so you will face with the limitation of the fusion process (assembly loading process) – this limitation limits you to load assemblies from underneath the root dir of your application in order to guard your app from dll hell. In order to overcome this limitation you can use the old plain Unix trick… create a symbolic link to the file… there is a small utility called mklink which lets...

Free training on Visual Studio 2010 and C# 4.0

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 27, 2009

Did you know that you can train yourself for what’s new in Visual Studio 2010 and C# 4.0 (also VB) ? The Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - October Preview is available for more than a week now and it includes lots of slide decks, demos and labs covering the following topics: Whats New In the .NET Framework 4 Whats New In Visual Studio 2010 Video: Downloading And Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Demo: Hello Visual Studio 2010 Common Language Runtime Demo: System.Threading.Barrier Demo Demo: System.Threading.CountdownEvent Managed Languages What's New In C# 4 and Visual Basic 10 Video: Fixing PIA Pains...

Microsoft Visual Studio Learning Pack 2.0

יום שני, ינואר 26, 2009

The Visual Studio Learning Pack 2.0 is a software package created by Microsoft to help students learn about computer programming. Improvements in this release include support for Visual Studio 2008 Express and more support for Visual Basic It consists of the following five components: Sort Designer Control is a supplementary teaching tool developed to help students learn the basic concepts, algorithms, and implementations of popular computer sorting algorithms. It supports bubble and insertion sorting. The control generates initial values automatically and demonstrates intermediate states in the sorting process. It also generates sorting source code for both Visual Basic and C#....
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Visual Studio Extensibility Conference Sessions Online

יום חמישי, דצמבר 25, 2008

      The VSX Developer Conference sessions covering a wide range of Visual Studio extensibility topics available online at channel 9. VS Extensibility Architecture: Intro & Advanced Topics Douglas Hodges, Principal Architect, Microsoft Extending the Visual Studio (VS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) using the VS Package Architecture. For integrating commercial products, supporting new languages and participating as a 1st class citizen within the IDE, Visual Studio’s service and windowing architecture is exposed through a package model. Learn about building your own package and integrating with other services and packages within the environment in this 2 part session presented by one of Visual...

Upgrading your GAT/GAX

יום שבת, אפריל 5, 2008

GAT/GAX the Guidance Automation Toolkit/Extensions are hard to remove once you have them installed, following is a procedure I am using in order to migrate the GAT/GAX. Make a copy of C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Recipe Framework\ReceipeFramework.xml Edit the ReceipeFramework.xml and remove the tags inside the <GuidancePackages> key. Uninstall the GAT/GAX via the control panel. (prior to removing the packages the gat/gax wont let you uninstall it) Install the new GAT/GAX versions. Edit the ReceipeFramework.xml and insert back the removed files (from the...

חלק ראשון – WPF שיפור ביצועים – אפליקציות

יום שני, מרץ 10, 2008

ביצועים חשובים לנו בכל מוצר, כולם יודעים שלא ניתן לשחרר מוצר אם הביצועים אינם טובים, כלומר אם הביצועים אינם עומדים בציפיות של הלקוח. כאשר מתכננים מוצר כבר מהיום הראשון עלינו לחשוב על ביצועים. עלינו לחשוב על ביצועים לא כעל בעיה שנתגלתה אלה כעוד יכולת של המוצר. תהליכים כאשר אנו נגשים לתכנן מוצר יש צורך לחשוב במושגים של תהליכים, תהליכים מאפשרים לנו להתמקד במה שבאמת חשוב לנו במוצר. תהליכים נגזרים מהלקוחות ומהמתחרים של המוצר, יש ללמוד את הלקוח, ללמוד את הצרכים ולאבחן מה דרוש ללקוח, יש לבחון מה גורם ללקוח התלהבות מהמוצר. דברו עם...
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