Google Code Search

יום שני, נובמבר 27, 2006

I was looking earlier today for some sort of code implementation as I was just too lazy to code it myself... then I remembered about google code search ... After 20 seconds I had some kind of implementation in my hand and yep I also looked at the license to see that its royalty free :-) P.S. small tip... use the advance search to limit to search to C# or whatever.

How to Consume WebService via unmanaged C++

יום ראשון, יוני 11, 2006

Someone asked me how to consume webservice using unmanaged c++ client. 1. Open your C++ project in Visual Studio 2003/20052. Right click on the project name in the solution explorer and add reference to the web service    This operation will create the web service proxy and add if to your c++ solution.3. Call the web service    Assuming that you want to consume the basic HelloWorld webservice these are the lines that you need to add to your C++ app:Service::CService proxy; BSTR Result=NULL; HRESULT hr = proxy.HelloWorld(&Result); MessageBox(0,Result,CComBSTR("Hello World Result"),0);
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Never trust solutions from unknown sources !

יום רביעי, יוני 7, 2006

Would you run an EXE file downloaded from the net without running it through an Anti Virus ? I guess the answer is no. Would you open a source code i.e. Visual Studio Solution downloaded from the net in Visual Studio ? I guess the answer is yes. Well Think Again or just download this source code and double click the .sln file. What you will witness is a Visual Studio exploit that enables a hacker to execute arbitrary code on your station as soon as you open the .sln file. Following is the full explanation of the exploit: If...