Composite Application Guidance for WPF-June 2008 RTM !

יום חמישי, יולי 3, 2008

Composite Application Guidance e.g. Prism project was released to the wild today !!! So if you are building WPF apps and looking for a module loader, event broker and other goodies to build WPF Composite solutions hurry and download this cool framework from PAG. So what you can find in this new framework ? Stock Trader Reference Implementation Composite Application Library for WPF 4 Quickstarts Hands on labs – How to build a Hello world app Documentation Documentation and hmm.. Documentation…....
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Composite Application Guidance for WPF RC1 Shipped

יום שבת, יוני 28, 2008

Project Prism - Composite Application Guidance for WPF just shipped release candidate 1 ! So if you are looking for a guidance of how to build a loosely coupled composite WPF application this guidance is for you. Check it out over here (
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TechED Eilat started for me on thursday

יום שבת, אפריל 5, 2008

TechEd Eilat only starting officially tomorrow but for me its already stated on Thursday when I picked up Glenn Block from the airport. On Thursday's evening we had a great dinner and lots of geek discussions around the table, well what can you expect if you put Roy, Udi, me, Itay, Glenn and Oren on the same table. During the talk Glenn showed his way to educate programmers to use patterns & practices products. And since then... during the last couple of days and nights (yesterday... Friday night... we worked...

Prism First Drop

יום חמישי, מרץ 13, 2008

Glenn Block & the Guys from Patterns & Practices just released to the public Prism First Drop, this drop includes a drat Reference Implementation (RI) which you can look and learn how to use the Prism. If you want to learn more about Prism, Glenn block and me are going to talk about it in less then a month at TechEd Eilat. Note that this is a code drop i.e. not all the functionality that is planned for the framework is currently implemented through you will be able to have a...

Prism is alive !

יום רביעי, פברואר 27, 2008

Prism - WPF Composite Client codeplex web was born today :-) "Prism" is a set of assets for developing Composite WPF applications, yes you can use Composite UI (CAB) to build composite application today, you can also use CAB to build wpf based applications but with Prism you'll be able to get all the benefits of Pure WPF apps with the lessons learned from the Composite UI (CAB) in order to build a true WPF Composite Solution. What can you expect to see at the Prism web ? You will see start seeing soon Prism drops...
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