Microsoft Developer Academy III – The Alternatives

יום שלישי, נובמבר 11, 2008

Microsoft Developer Academy III just opened for registration, this time it will cost 220nis to get into this conference. So what can you do if you want to learn about the various sessions but can't afford to pay the price or want to learn it right now? Well there are several alternatives: 1. You can wait for the video recordings form the event 2. You can watch videos already on the NET as most of the sessions subjects already been presented at TechED & PDC around the world, here is just an example: Developer Academy 3 Session List (dev academy III session / alternative...

PDC08 – Second day keynote – cont II

So what's new with windows 7 ? Ribbon User Interface Jump Lists Libraries Multi-Touch, Ink, Speech DirectX family Fundamentals: Decrease: MEM, I/O, Power Increase: Speed, Responsiveness, Scale   You can boot from VHD !!! Multi mon now works also if you use remote desktop !!! e.g. you remote connect to a machine and will have dual mon support if youhave dual mon. Call to Actions: Developer for 64-Bit ! Evaluate new apis in windows 7
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PDC08 – Second day keynote – cont

PDC08 keynote is about to begin ! Hopefully it will be better then yesterday... Live blogging will start soon... Ray ozzy just started the second day Keynote   Today's keynote is about the UI, the experience... the client platform, os.. apps Ray talks about joining the web & the client pc worlds. Windows 7 - Best platform experience and innovation Internet Explorer 8, Silverlight 2 - Making web apps offline, installable... Starting the shows... Steven Sinofsky - Windows 7 ...
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PDC08 – Under the hood: Advances in the .NET Type System (Live Blogging)

יום שני, אוקטובר 27, 2008

Presenter : Misha Shneerson - Senior SDE - Microsoft Agenda - Its all about COM interop Solution - Type Embedding Solution - Type Equivalence Putting it all together - Loose type coupling and extensibility Improvements in event handling for COM objects Deployment of PIA (Primary interop assemblies) is a big issue. SAy you have an Interop solution with office - Usercode assembly size (50kb) the interop assembly interop.excel.dll for example is 1.2MB The problem is installation... we need to install office 2007...
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PrePDC – Together@PDC

Its night right now in LA, I've arrived to LA in the morning (7:45) after 15hr of direct flight...(it was a hard flight as i could not get an upgrade to business nor an exit seat...) Two hours after I landed I've register to the Together@PDC , special event that was held for a specific group of after some networking & lunch break we went to have some activities :-) I choose to do the a two hours horse riding to the Hollywood sign at the top of LA.   ...
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PDC here I come :-)

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 26, 2008

Well I'm just on my way to the PDC... my session list is ready... the rest of the material too The iPhone is full with 6gm of music and some games... Now i also have the ppt of Glenn's MEF session so i even have some PDC stuff to read on my 15 hours direct flight to LA. Yep some guys have long long long long flight to get to LA. For anyone who is interested I'll keep on updating my blog and my twitter ( with details from the event. So see...
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