Composite Application Guidance for WPF-June 2008 RTM !

יום חמישי, יולי 3, 2008

Composite Application Guidance e.g. Prism project was released to the wild today !!! So if you are building WPF apps and looking for a module loader, event broker and other goodies to build WPF Composite solutions hurry and download this cool framework from PAG. So what you can find in this new framework ? Stock Trader Reference Implementation Composite Application Library for WPF 4 Quickstarts Hands on labs – How to build a Hello world app Documentation Documentation and hmm.. Documentation…....
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Prism is alive !

יום רביעי, פברואר 27, 2008

Prism - WPF Composite Client codeplex web was born today :-) "Prism" is a set of assets for developing Composite WPF applications, yes you can use Composite UI (CAB) to build composite application today, you can also use CAB to build wpf based applications but with Prism you'll be able to get all the benefits of Pure WPF apps with the lessons learned from the Composite UI (CAB) in order to build a true WPF Composite Solution. What can you expect to see at the Prism web ? You will see start seeing soon Prism drops...
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Building Service Oriented UI using SCSF & Acropolis

יום רביעי, אוקטובר 10, 2007

You’ve probably already heard about Service Oriented Architecture but have you ever figured out how to build a service oriented UI? How do you mix a bunch of well known design patterns together and rapidly build a font end for your great SOA design? Furthermore, How would you build a font end today while maintaining a migration path for tomorrow? Microsoft Acropolis, Composite UI & Smart Client Software Factory are some of the technologies which are used to leverage the known benefits of SOA in building truly loosely coupled desktop applications which are highly maintainable, supports agile development,...
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Developer's Academy Arcasts are on the air

יום רביעי, יוני 13, 2007

During the Microsoft Developer's academy event which was held in the Cinema City some time ago Ron Jacobs recorded several arcast with the event's presenters, one of the arcast was the Composite UI in the Real World arcast with Me, Guy Ronen from Simigon & Eli from Intel. You can listen to the arcast over here video arcast is also available over here
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SCSF WPF Enabled at CSharp Usergroup

יום ראשון, מאי 20, 2007

Last week i've presented my SCSFWPF at the Microsoft C# Usergroup, during the show we build on the fly WPF smart client solution using several of the cab abilities. I've promised to publish the code that was created live during the event so here it is: download
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Smart Client Software Factory WPF Enabled

יום שלישי, אפריל 17, 2007

Anyone who've been developing Smart Clients (or any other Winforms based applications) using Composite UI Application block and Smart Client Software Factory was wondering how to get the great frameworks functionality for building WPF based application, WPF enable us to build rich application but building the application the right way... still missing there. Part of my day to day work at Experts4D (my own company) i'm Mentoring and Consulting, during my last 5 days WPF & CAB Internals training I’ve decided to surprise the attendees and spent a weekend to adapt the Patterns & Practices SCSF to support building WPF...

Smart Client Software Factory Pop-Up Menu Disappear

יום ראשון, פברואר 25, 2007

When you are working with Smart Client Software Factory SCSF or any other Microsoft Software Factories which are based on the Global Automation Toolkit it might happened that sometime during the development you'll have a Visual Studio crash which afterwards you will find that you no longer able to see the Right Click pop-up menu of the software factory. In order to enable back the Software Factory in your specific solution use the Guidance Package Manger which is located under the Visual Studio Tools menu, when you open the guidance manager click the Enable/Disable Packages and choose the desired guidance package (i.e. Smart Client Developments...
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Microsoft Developers Academy is over

יום ראשון, פברואר 4, 2007

 Microsoft's Developer Academy was held last wendsday in Israel at the Cinema City, during the event we had lots and lots of sessions from .net 3.0 to team system to composite ui and more. Large part of the lecturers at the event were Microsoft MVPs. Myself, Jackie Goldstein, Udi Dahan, Leon Langlayben, Justin Angel, Roy Osherove, Alon Phlis & Ami Levin. My part in the event was 2 sessions about the Microsoft Composite UI application block, Developers panel & a Video Arcast with Ron Jacobs about the Composite UI (CAB) in real world applications. As the event was held in the Cinema City...
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Microsoft Developers Academy — First Promo is on the Air !

יום שני, ינואר 15, 2007

The first promo video for the Microsoft Developers Academy is on the Air ! The promo is the first in a series of promos that was filmed by Microsoft Israel for the event. The event will take place at the Cinema City on the 31.1.2007 ! The promo featuring Ami Levin, Avner Kashtan, Yakov Greeshpan and me as the Bad Guys that will do anything to get into the event :-) During the event i'll be presenting 2CAB||!2CAB session, during this session I will demonstrate how easy it is to integrate win32 app with .net 3.0 technologies in on big distributed composite ui solution. P.S. ...