Mastering Infrastructure Development

יום שלישי, נובמבר 27, 2007

Are you interested in infrastructure development ? Did you even get an Exception at production time and was thinking hmm.... if i only could tell what were the parameters values of the method the throw the exception ...   Well today at the Developers Academy II - 14:45 - 16:00 I'll show several tools that can help you build cool infrastructure for you development team while looking at several issues like performance, deployment etc... So if you are interested in Stack Tracing, Enterprise Library Policy Inject, Exception Handling , PostShap and building your own...

Building Service Oriented UI using SCSF & Acropolis

יום רביעי, אוקטובר 10, 2007

You’ve probably already heard about Service Oriented Architecture but have you ever figured out how to build a service oriented UI? How do you mix a bunch of well known design patterns together and rapidly build a font end for your great SOA design? Furthermore, How would you build a font end today while maintaining a migration path for tomorrow? Microsoft Acropolis, Composite UI & Smart Client Software Factory are some of the technologies which are used to leverage the known benefits of SOA in building truly loosely coupled desktop applications which are highly maintainable, supports agile development,...
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Developer's Academy Arcasts are on the air

יום רביעי, יוני 13, 2007

During the Microsoft Developer's academy event which was held in the Cinema City some time ago Ron Jacobs recorded several arcast with the event's presenters, one of the arcast was the Composite UI in the Real World arcast with Me, Guy Ronen from Simigon & Eli from Intel. You can listen to the arcast over here video arcast is also available over here
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Smart Client Software Factory WPF Enabled

יום שלישי, אפריל 17, 2007

Anyone who've been developing Smart Clients (or any other Winforms based applications) using Composite UI Application block and Smart Client Software Factory was wondering how to get the great frameworks functionality for building WPF based application, WPF enable us to build rich application but building the application the right way... still missing there. Part of my day to day work at Experts4D (my own company) i'm Mentoring and Consulting, during my last 5 days WPF & CAB Internals training I’ve decided to surprise the attendees and spent a weekend to adapt the Patterns & Practices SCSF to support building WPF...

CAB – Support for Custom Commands

יום שישי, ינואר 5, 2007

In my last post I've talked about how to expose an OutlookBar as UIExtensionSite, during this post I would like to cover what are the needed actions needed to be added in order to support also the ability of using the command invokers with our OutlookBar. The idea is the same... in order for the CAB infrastructure to recognize our OutlookBar we need to introduce to the infrastructure an EventCommandAdapter. The EventCommandAdapter is used to link an event name like "Click" event to the Button or any other UI Item that you are adapting to. public class OutlookBarButtonCommandAdapter : EventCommandAdapter<OutlookBarButton>{        public OutlookBarButtonCommandAdapter() :...
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CAB – Support for Custom UIExtensionSites

Almost every client I've been working with on CAB projects wanted the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook where you have a navigation pane on the side of the shell host and a content which is changing on the right pane. So lets see how we can get this cool look and feel in out CAB application... Searching over the web you might find an Outlook Bar that you might want to use in your CAB application, In my search I found on CodeProject - Herre Kuijpers Outlook Bar and i'll be using it to demonstrate what are the steps...
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Composite UI Application Block Series

יום חמישי, ינואר 4, 2007

Last week I've delivered 3 days course about the Microsoft Composite UI Application block during the Microsoft's MVPs week which we organized in Israel. During this course I've covered several undocumented areas regarding the usage and building of CAB enabled applications. In the following weeks till I will post various insights that I've covered while working with clients on Composite UI based applications.
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TechEd Eilat 2006 Videos !

יום שישי, אוגוסט 18, 2006

TechEd Eilat 2006 videos are starting to appear ! There are already 13gig of videos some of them in Hebrew while other are in English. (Its about time they will appear... as its almost 3 months since TechEd !) Check out the video & presentations over here P.S. you will not find a video of my 'Beat Box powered by Enterprise Library 2.0' session... as the session was held at 8am the day after the party and although the lecture hall was full the recording personals haven't showed up, it was probably too early for them.