Homeless.co.il was hacked by turkish hackers

17 ביולי 2010

Earlier today it was published that Turkish hackers managed to grab a list of user details (32k) including emails and password. (add to this 72k email accounts that were hacked) When will site owners learn to use hash codes instead of password ??? From my point of view the owner of the site should be blamed for the damage as much as the hackers who did it, you can expect someone to build a site not to mention a leading site and treat security as an after thought ! For anyone wondering who is effected…...
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IASA Israeli Chapter 2nd Meeting (Tomorrow)

7 ביולי 2010

IASA Israeli chapter 2nd meeting will take place tomorrow and this time it will be based on community-led discussions around Architecturally significant topics. Q: What does "community-led discussions" mean ? A: Any participant will be able to propose any topic she finds interesting from a software architecture perspective. Other participants who find the topic interesting will join the discussion in a dedicated meeting room.  Q: I want to propose a discussion topic. What do I need to do ? A: either proposed it using in the Linkedin discussion, or propose it spontaneously during the introductory part of the meeting...
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IASA Israeli Chapter – 2nd Meeting [ 8.7.2010 ]

27 ביוני 2010

The IASA - International Association of Software Architects - Israeli Chapter 2nd Meeting will take place on Thursday 8th of July between 17:00 and 19:45 at HP Ranana - Daphna 9, Ranana. The 2nd meeting will start with a small introductory presentation of selected Architecturally significant topics after which we will separate  into small working groups in order to have an inner discussion on a specific architectural related topics. You may ask which topics would the workgroups themes will be ? This is the part where we will ask for your involvement......
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No more Vuvuzela :-)

15 ביוני 2010

Like the rest of the world I suffer too from watching football games these days and having to hear the Vuvuzela horrible noise. So finally yesterday I've decided to try and see if my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 can handle it… With a touch of a button… I now can hear only the game noise without this loud background noise ! Recommended for any football fan out there ! (although its a bit pricy)  
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TechEd 2010 North America – Videos & PPTs

Microsoft released all the TechED 2010 North America – New Orleans (June 7-11th) Videos & PPTs ! Of course you need to go video by video in order to download them… So to save you the time… I’ve prepared a list of direct links to the videos, ppts high resolution and low plus the mp4 version. Note that the PPTs+High Quality Videos download size is 81gb ! Enjoy ! TechEd 2010 Presentations TechEd 2010 Videos TechEd 2010 High Quality Videos TechEd 2010...
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Some of the Microsoft sites in Israel were dns hacked today

10 ביוני 2010

For the last couple of hours… and only now recovering several of Microsoft sites with co.il (Israel) ending were hacked. Among these sites you were able to see: www.msn.co.il www.hotmail.co.il www.live.co.il blogs.microsoft.co.il A group of Turkish hackers took responsibility of changing the dns register… now how this could have happened… it might be that some domain register helped the hackers to accomplish their task… i wonder if someone from Microsoft is going to investigate to the source of this…
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SharePoint & Office 2010 – Cool & tasty virtual launch event !

8 ביוני 2010

Today at 10:00 am Microsoft Israel celebrated the opening of the SharePoint & Office 2010 Launch event… why am i blogging about it ? Well the event is a virtual launch event that is due to take place over the next couple of months… and I was waiting to see how Microsoft Israel are going to organize this virtual event. At 16:30 someone knocked at our door and had a package to deliver to me from Microsoft Israel … When i opened the package this is what it looked like: Welcome to the virtual conference… as...
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Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools is out !

7 ביוני 2010

Pro Power Tools just had been released to the Visual Studio Gallery today ! This cool little add-on really add things that Microsoft forgot to add to Visual Studio… Things like: Searchable Add Reference Dialog The new Add Reference dialog makes it faster and easier for you to find the reference that you are looking for and add it to your VB, C# or F# project.  Before: After: Highlight Current Line As the resolution of monitors increases,...

WF & WCF in .NET 4 Survey

27 במרץ 2010

As part of being a part of Microsoft WCF/WF advisory board we tend to answer survey here and there about future directions… few hours ago I've been asked the following questions… I've answered my own answers but i thought that it would be nice also to give your own personal answers to the team. Have you used WCF/WF in your applications ? some of you probably did… 1. If you used WCF in your application ...
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