SharePoint & Office 2010 – Cool & tasty virtual launch event !

8 ביוני 2010

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Today at 10:00 am Microsoft Israel celebrated the opening of the SharePoint & Office 2010 Launch event… why am i blogging about it ?

Well the event is a virtual launch event that is due to take place over the next couple of months… and I was waiting to see how Microsoft Israel are going to organize this virtual event.

At 16:30 someone knocked at our door and had a package to deliver to me from Microsoft Israel … When i opened the package this is what it looked like:

Welcome to the virtual conference… as close to real conference as it can…


When i opened the package i saw this:

No traffic jams, no parking not even a tie…


Box full of cool ideas to help you pass the virtual event 🙂

First of all a sign to the door… In the next hour I’m virtual… please do not disturb…

I will have some usage of this to get disconnected from my wife and kids 🙂


A small package saying to connect… you need to disconnect



Even in the virtual world get spoiled with some thing real…



And lastly…



Thanks Shelly, Michal… and probably Lior whom was probably involved somehow with the idea.

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one comment

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