WF & WCF in .NET 4 Survey

27 במרץ 2010

As part of being a part of Microsoft WCF/WF advisory board we tend to answer survey here and there about future directions… few hours ago I've been asked the following questions… I've answered my own answers but i thought that it would be nice also to give your own personal answers to the team. Have you used WCF/WF in your applications ? some of you probably did… 1. If you used WCF in your application ...
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Developer Academy 4 DVD (Video and ppt)

24 במרץ 2010

I’ve just noticed that someone was quick and wrapped all of the videos and PowerPoint slides from the Microsoft Developer Academy 4 to a DVD iso file and it is available on Rapidshare. So if you want to view the sessions offline hurry up grab it and burn your own Dev Academy 4 DVD. ...

DevAcademy is over, now for the REAL Conf. ALT.NET Spring

22 במרץ 2010

So you think you heard enough of Visual Studio, Silverlight & C# 4.0 at the Microsoft Developer Academy 4 (Israel) and you are ready for the real world ??? Think Again ! Alt.NET Spring (#3) will take place on this Thursday and Friday. ( 25-26/03/2010 ) About the format: The goal of ALT.NET conferences is to have community discussions and knowledge sharing between the community members. During the first day of the conference, the planning stage, attendees will be able to offer...
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IASA Israeli – 1st meeting – The Feedback

21 במרץ 2010

I would like to thank everyone who attended the first meeting of the IASA Israel chapter. By the end of the meeting we passed a feedback form among the ones who participated, I would like to share with you the summary of the feedback. One of the main pillars of IASA is to group architects together while keeping technology and vendor agnostic, the first question on the feedback from was aimed to map the technology background of the participants in order to see if we managed to capture .NET architect, Java architect & C++ architect in the same room. The results...
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1st Public Meeting of the IASA Israeli Chapter

17 במרץ 2010

The first public meeting of the International Association of Software Architects Israeli Chapter will take place on this Thursday (Tomorrow ) ! The meeting's goal is to introduce IASA and its offerings, and to initiate the Israeli chapter of IASA. During the meeting we will discuss the objectives and roadmap of the IASA Israeli chapter, and how it can advance the Software Architecture profession in Israel. Following the introduction we will host an interesting presentation “Architecting for the Cloud” given by Danny Cohen, Architect at Microsoft Israel. Please note that the given lecture plus IASA future activities are not technology...
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