IASA Israel Chapter – First Meeting

28 בפברואר 2010

In this event we will present IASA, the International Association of Software Architects. We will discuss IASA Israel goals and roadmap. Flowing the introduction we will host an interesting presentation “Architecting for the Cloud” given by Danny Cohen. The IASA group is not targeted to specific a implementation technology thus registration is opened for .NET & Java software architects. Please check the Website for more details and a map of the meeting location. When: March 18th 2010, Thursday, 17:00 – 19:45 ...
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ATL.NET Tools – The Videos

4 בפברואר 2010

About a week ago I've participated in the first meeting of ALT.NET Tools session in Israel, the session was pure fun, we grouped together a bunch of geeks in one conference room to speak about tooling that can make developer’s live easier. We had several interesting sessions over the meeting with lots of cool tools… some common ones and some are products of newly startup companies. By the middle of the meeting we had lots of pizzas in complementary from our host Delver or by its new name Sears Israel. And by the end of the meeting I've handed out several...