Design for Testability is a fraud – TDD is easy !

14 בינואר 2009

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מפגש שלישי של קבוצת משתמשי נס ציונה בחסות חברת HP Indigo, עריית נס ציונה וחברת מיקרוסופט יוצא לדרך והפעם הנושא הוא TDD או ליתר דיוק מדוע TDD ולא רק Design for testability – מרצה ליאור פרידמן.

האם ליאור הוא פרידמן אמיתי או בובליל ? בואו למפגש ותגלו 🙂

תאריך – 14.01.2009 – היום !

שעה – 17:00 – 20:00

מקום – בית יד לבנים – רחוב הבנים 9 – נס ציונה

המפגש פתוח לקהל ללא תשלום !

נא להירשם כאן בכדי לעזור לנו לתכנן את הכיבוד.

Design For Testability is a Fraud – TDD is easy 
Old habits are hard to change, This also stands true when adopting TDD practices. One of the main reasons for TDD relative slow penetration is the so called need to first make the production codes fit specific design patterns in other words design the code for testability. However, in today’s world of testing tools, there is no true need for these changes to occur. Isolation frameworks have grown beyond the need to refit the code to their needs and are able to isolate any part of any given design 
A major part of the community is advocating that these kinds of design changes are beneficial, while this may hold true, it is not relevant to any real testability issues. If these design patterns makes a better design, please take it up with the  design “department”. Don’t make a testing issue out of it. Presenting redesign as a prerequisite for TDD, add another significant barrier for most companies out there. This talk will demonstrate how one barrier on your way to happy TDDing can be removed using the proper tooling, and prove once and for all that Design For Testability is not much more than a fraud

המרצה הפעם ליאור פרידמן 

Lior Friedman (, is a Certified Scrum Master and an experienced Agile Coach working at Sela Group in promoting agile adoption and assimilation. After leading the development of cutting edge testing tools at Typemock LTD, and helping numerous companies in their TDD implementation, He provides clients with training, mentoring and high-end consulting services, specializing in AUT, TDD and general agile transitions 

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