DevAcademy III – Clarifications

12 בנובמבר 2008

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After talking over the phone with Guy Burstein about my earlier post for Dev Academy Alternatives here are some clarifications:

1. I do believe that the conference will be great.

2. Dev Academy talks are in Hebrew while the sessions listed are in English.

3. There are a bunch of session which I could not find alternatives and these will be the sessions that I will priorities in my list to go and see, for example:

ARC202 – Architecting Real-World Enterprise Application – Considerations and Dilemmas (Level 200)

From choosing a Data Access Layer, Caching and Logging, up to Authentication, Offline support and more architectural aspects in a real-world medical application in the IDF.

DEV305 – Leverage SQL Server 2008 in Your .Net Code with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Level 300)

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 lets you leverage the new features in SQL Server 2008 such as Table Valued Parameters, Change Tracking, FILESTREAM and the new Date and Time types. In this session we'll see how easy they are to use, and how you can do it today.

DEV313 – Building Composite Applications in WPF (Level 300)

In this session we will talk about the challenges of Composite UI development, and learn how to leverage Composite Application Guidance for WPF on behalf of WPF for implementing modern enterprise applications UI.

DEV403 – A Deep Dive into LINQ (Level 400)

Many developers already use LINQ on a daily basis, but most only scratch the surface of what’s possible. In this session we will dive more deeply into LINQ and see how it works behind the scenes, share tips, tricks and common pitfalls.

4. The event as I was told was targeted to current technologies, this is why a session about Managed Extension Framework  was not approved for this conference. Looking at the list I just wanted to point out that there are some sessions which are parallel to PDC sessions from two weeks ago.

5. The list was prepared internally for our company to point out people who will not be able to attend the conference to material which is already available on the net.

6. I see this list as also a tool for the speaker, at least the speaker now knows what has already been spoken about the technology and bring something new in his talk and not just recycle other's presentations.

Last note.. the fact that there are pointers to material about each one of the sessions doesn't mean that I will not be at the conference, be sure to catch me there.


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