Composite Application Guidance for WPF-June 2008 RTM !

3 ביולי 2008

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Composite Application Guidance e.g. Prism project was released to the wild today !!!

So if you are building WPF apps and looking for a module loader, event broker and other goodies to build WPF Composite solutions hurry and download this cool framework from PAG.

So what you can find in this new framework ?

  • Stock Trader Reference Implementation
  • Composite Application Library for WPF
  • 4 Quickstarts
  • Hands on labs – How to build a Hello world app
  • Documentation Documentation and hmm.. Documentation…. –
    300 pages of documentation !!!!
    • Composite baseline architecture
    • UI Designer guidance
    • Design Concepts
    • Technical Concepts
    • Patterns
    • How-to’s

The cool thing with this framework is that you can use it as a whole… or take parts and use them on your own for example the Event aggregator and the Module loader can be taken an be used also in winform or non ui applications as theses modules are not using any WPF implementation in them !

If you want to learn about prism and building composite wpf apps David Platt is going to deliver a workshop of Building Composite apps using Composite Application Guidance in Israel 31/8/08 – 3/9/08 for more details check Idag’s web site

GO GO GO and download the Composite WPF, documentation and hands on labs over here : and here

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