SpeedFiler – Where have you been all my life ?

12 באפריל 2008

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Sometimes you get in touch with a tool that you just cant understand how previously you have been able to live without it, SpeedFiler is such a tool !

Last week a friend of mine (Ron Leeram) recommended that I'll check a cool outlook addin that is aimed to increases your productivity, as someone who is looking always for tools to increase his productivity and as one who is uses outlook on hourly basis I rushed to test this tool, few days after… I just don’t understand how I was able to live without it.

SpeedFiler from Claritude Software is and email productivity tool, the tool takes care of filing your incoming and outgoing messages and it does it perfectly

After installing SpeedFilter you will notice a new toolbar which is added to your Outlook toolbars, this tool bar will enable you to quickly File incoming emails to the right directory.


The email filing uses a nice algorithm that suggests you where to file the incoming emails and even try to learn by looking at your taken actions, after several minutes the app learned most of my email's archive folders.

For the ones who doesn't like using toolbars SpeedFilter takes control of the Move-To-Folder shortcut and displays its ui over the standard ui, using SpeedFilter you can just start typing the name of the folder and click enter to file the email to the right folder.

If that is not enough, SpeedFiler will let you also File outgoing emails as you send them, meaning there is no more massive amount of emails laying at the "sent items" folder, from now on every outgoing email will be moved to the directory which is close to it context.

Now here is the nice part… this cool addin cost ONLY 24.95 for personal license and 39.95 for the pro license which is my favorite, so is it worth ? well YES it is worth every penny as it is one of the most incising productivity product that I came close to in the last year, I just don't understand how I could live without it.

Wana try it too ? there is a 30day trial version at Claritude site which you can install and check the tool.

For all the hebrew users, in order for this tool to work fine with hebrew past the following lines to a test file with .reg extension, run it once and reboot your system. This fix will substitute Tahoma,0 with Tahoma,177 which will fix some unicode issues.

—- cut here —-

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]

—- cut here —-

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