TechED Eilat started for me on thursday

5 באפריל 2008

TechEd Eilat only starting officially tomorrow but for me its already stated on Thursday when I picked up Glenn Block from the airport.


On Thursday's evening we had a great dinner and lots of geek discussions around the table, well what can you expect if you put Roy, Udi, me, Itay, Glenn and Oren on the same table.


During the talk Glenn showed his way to educate programmers to use patterns & practices products.


And since then… during the last couple of days and nights (yesterday… Friday night… we worked till 3am) we are working together in preparing our PRISM deck, so although the PRISM deck turned out to be the last TechEd's Deck (Last day, last deck) if you want to learn what PRSIM is all about… don't forget to show up.

DEV432 – Hilton – Knaan – Tuesday 8.4.2008  15:00 – 16:15

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