Prism is alive !

27 בפברואר 2008

Prism - WPF Composite Client codeplex web was born today :-) "Prism" is a set of assets for developing Composite WPF applications, yes you can use Composite UI (CAB) to build composite application today, you can also use CAB to build wpf based applications but with Prism you'll be able to get all the benefits of Pure WPF apps with the lessons learned from the Composite UI (CAB) in order to build a true WPF Composite Solution. What can you expect to see at the Prism web ? You will see start seeing soon Prism drops...
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Playing with Fluent Interfaces – The Fluent Validator

21 בפברואר 2008

About a month ago I've visited redmond for a Prism (WPF Composite Client) design review, during the session Glenn Block had talked about the idea of building Prism using fluent interfaces . In the past I did play with the idea of building fluent interfaces api through it was for my own purposes. Lately I've been requested to design a Validator for a company whom I'm helping and I've decided that a Validator is really a cool example where fluent interfaces may become useful. Following is an example of declaring a new validation rule using my fluent...
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Windows Server 2008 as Workstation

For years I've been working with windows server editions as my main development environments, the reasons are plenty and among of them you can find the stability and the lose of useless services at workstations versions. Last week I've decided that enough it enough and I cannot stand Vista anymore and decided to downgrade to XP just before going through the downgrade I've received a notification from the Windows Server Beta that they finally made Windows Server 2008 RTM so I've decided to give it a try AND I LOVE IT ! The installation of Windows 2008...
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