SOA & BP Conference – The Road Begin

27 באוקטובר 2007

I'm heading tonight for the SOA & BP Conference in Redmond where I'm due to deliver a session about Building Service Oriented UI using SCSF & Acropolis, Due to the latest development regarding Acropolis the talk will be more focused about Building Service Oriented UI using SCSF and much less then I expected on using Acropolis to build such UI. If you are heading also to the conference and would like to meet me try and catch me up at one of the other great lectures or maybe during the night events :-) So... need to hurry...
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Building Service Oriented UI using SCSF & Acropolis

10 באוקטובר 2007

You’ve probably already heard about Service Oriented Architecture but have you ever figured out how to build a service oriented UI? How do you mix a bunch of well known design patterns together and rapidly build a font end for your great SOA design? Furthermore, How would you build a font end today while maintaining a migration path for tomorrow? Microsoft Acropolis, Composite UI & Smart Client Software Factory are some of the technologies which are used to leverage the known benefits of SOA in building truly loosely coupled desktop applications which are highly maintainable, supports agile development,...
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Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services

6 באוקטובר 2007

Microsoft just released a line of tools based on technology that was acquired about 10 months ago when Microsoft bought the Israeli startup Secured Dimensions. The Microsoft SLP Services includes .NET Code Protector which helps protect .NET code against disassembling and decompilation & Licensing Services (also Online) which allows software vendors and publishers to more flexibly and effectively monetize their software. If you want to test drive these technologies check the following : Software Licensing and Protection Services 2008 - Code Protector SDK SLP Services: Tutorial and Demonstration application Another new release is the Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK The Windows Live™ ID Client 1.0 software development...
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