Smart Client Software Factory WPF Enabled

17 באפריל 2007

Anyone who've been developing Smart Clients (or any other Winforms based applications) using Composite UI Application block and Smart Client Software Factory was wondering how to get the great frameworks functionality for building WPF based application, WPF enable us to build rich application but building the application the right way… still missing there.

Part of my day to day work at Experts4D (my own company) i'm Mentoring and Consulting, during my last 5 days WPF & CAB Internals training I’ve decided to surprise the attendees and spent a weekend to adapt the Patterns & Practices SCSF to support building WPF based Smart Clients applications based on Kent's CABWPF project.

It turned out to be cool software factory which really kick the ass of creating WPF based applications !

I hope you'll like it too.

Download my SCSF WPF enabled version over here :



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  1. adlaima17 באפריל 2007 ב 21:02

    let me be the first to congratulate you