Smart Client Software Factory Pop-Up Menu Disappear

25 בפברואר 2007

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When you are working with Smart Client Software Factory SCSF or any other Microsoft Software Factories which are based on the Global Automation Toolkit it might happened that sometime during the development you'll have a Visual Studio crash which afterwards you will find that you no longer able to see the Right Click pop-up menu of the software factory.

In order to enable back the Software Factory in your specific solution use the Guidance Package Manger which is located under the Visual Studio Tools menu, when you open the guidance manager click the Enable/Disable Packages and choose the desired guidance package (i.e. Smart Client Developments in our case)

As soon as you exit the manager you'll have the pop-up menu and other extensions working back on you IDE environment.

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one comment

  1. roni20 בינואר 2009 ב 17:49

    any idea what i can do if tools-> Enable/Disable Packages are not availble?

    my vs crashed and previously i had this package manager window but now it disappears.

    thanks, roni