Building End-To-End Infrastructure Security – The Videos

14 בפברואר 2007

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On the 24.1.2007 Microsoft Israel hosted John Carddock & Sally Storey who gave some cool sessions about Building End to End Infrastructure Security.

If you've been to the event and want to see the demos again or if you haven't been there and would like to see really good sessions about End2End Security checkout the following video sessions

P.s. The Videos are in English through in the first session there is a small intro in Hebrew 🙂

Is Your It Infrastructure Secure ? [ 1hr 26min 1024×768 627kbps ]

Securing Your Network [ 1hr 20 min 1024×768 548kbps ]

Locking Down Servers and Workstations [ 1hr 22 min 1024×768 548kbps ]

Vista Technologies [ 55min 1027×768 596kbps ]

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