How to remove MSI dependency on .NET Framework 1.1

26 בפברואר 2007

I wanted to install some tools for my presentation about Developer's Toolbox at the Oracle .Net Forum and one of the tools that I wanted to show was Roy's regulator. The regulator was developed and packed via the Visual Studio 2003 Setup Project and the the msi included dependency on Framework 1.1. Currently I'm using Vista which includes .Net Framework 2.0 (in most cases it is compatible with .Net Framework 1.1 assemblies) and I didn't want to install .net Framework 1.1 on my vista machine. If I had the binaries at had it would have been simple job as to redirect .net 1.1 binaries...
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Smart Client Software Factory Pop-Up Menu Disappear

25 בפברואר 2007

When you are working with Smart Client Software Factory SCSF or any other Microsoft Software Factories which are based on the Global Automation Toolkit it might happened that sometime during the development you'll have a Visual Studio crash which afterwards you will find that you no longer able to see the Right Click pop-up menu of the software factory. In order to enable back the Software Factory in your specific solution use the Guidance Package Manger which is located under the Visual Studio Tools menu, when you open the guidance manager click the Enable/Disable Packages and choose the desired guidance package (i.e. Smart Client Developments...
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Oracle .Net Forum

21 בפברואר 2007

On Monday 26.2.2007 i'll be lecturing at the Oracle .Net Forum about .Net Developer's Toolbox - lots of toolד that every .net developer should have on his desktop. Other lecturers during the forum meeting are Getting Started with Oracle & .NET, Builder Applications with a light framework (using and O/R Mapping methologies (Using NHiberante) Free Registration is open over here
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Composite UI Application Block Training

18 בפברואר 2007

With the success of the MVPs week and the Microsoft Developer's Academy I'm going to deliver next week ( 27-28/3 ) a Two-day seminar providing an in-depth, hands-on coverage of Microsoft’s Composite UI Application Block (CAB) at John Bryce College - TelAviv. The seminar will begin with an overview of the driving concepts behind the CAB: aspect oriented programming and design patterns. The core architecture of the CAB will be discussed as well as the advantages provided by it.Each major area of functionality will be discussed in-depth and extending/customizing the CAB will be covered. Hands-on labs using the CAB are integrated throughout...
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Finally the screen saver is working under Vista !!!

Microsoft released today HID - Non-User Input Data Filter as part of the windows update service ... I've just updated my Vista machine and boom.... the Screen saver started to work !!! Well it is about time... It took Microsoft 3 Months to fix this bug ! way way way too long ! You have no idea how joy it is to someone to finally been able to see his screen saver when his mouse stays connected to his laptop ! (Until today I had to disconnect the mouse whenever I left the comp running or start the screen saver manually) If you...
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Thinkpad Notebook Fan Controller

17 בפברואר 2007

If you own a Thinkpad Notebook you probably aware of the cooling fan noise annoyances, if you suffer from the noise and want to have a quiet life and gain control of the fan speed take a look at the Thinkpad Fan Controller. The Thinkpad Fan Controller allows the user to control fan activity based on the system temperature (or manual of course...) This Visual C++ project controls the fan via port IO to the embedded controller. p.s. though it was build for the T4x series... its working great on my T60p.
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Building End-To-End Infrastructure Security – The Videos

14 בפברואר 2007

On the 24.1.2007 Microsoft Israel hosted John Carddock & Sally Storey who gave some cool sessions about Building End to End Infrastructure Security. If you've been to the event and want to see the demos again or if you haven't been there and would like to see really good sessions about End2End Security checkout the following video sessions P.s. The Videos are in English through in the first session there is a small intro in Hebrew :-) Is Your It Infrastructure Secure ?  Securing Your Network  Locking Down Servers and Workstations [ 1hr 22 min 1024x768...
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Missing Google…For the last 3 hours…

I've been working all night to complete some work and as usual I was goggling allot but since 5:30am my ISP has some problems connecting to Google and it brings me back to the ages where Google wasn't on the planet. As I don't have much choice it is time to give a shot to some other search engines... say ... but what can I say... I keep on searching for stuff and I just don't get the relevant answerers that I used to get with Google... seems like is much much back after Google in finding...
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