Five things you didn't know about me

16 בינואר 2007


I've been tagged by Arnon (almost 11 days ago…oops) so I'll join the

Blog-Tag game.

Five things you didn't know about me:

1. I am almost 35. married and have a 1.5 year old child by the name of Shira. Part of my wife's family still live in Australia so we tend to visit them there from time to time… through it can take 35 hours to get there from Israel.

2. I stated my interaction with computers at the age of 8 – my first computer was Dragon 32. two years later during building of a electronic detention card to control ordinary electronic home equipment I managed to burn the Dragon 32 motherboard and had to upgraded to Dragon 64 !

3. All through my years at school I was the tallest person in class. This is why still today I tend to rush to the airport ASAP to get the exit seats during flights whenever I have to get on an airplane.

4. I used to ran a Bulletin Board System (BBS) long long time ago before the Internet area came to our door… it stated with 300boud modem… which was upgraded to 1200boud xt & 40meg disk…

5. For some years I was hall cycling (Spinning) 3 times a week… but since Shira was born I've haven't been cycling for the last 1.5 years and now (after committing here) I'm going to start it up back again.

So lets see…  Eliaz TubaisUdi DahanIdo Samuelson, Manu Cohen Yashir and Guy Burstein You are all it.

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  1. urig16 בינואר 2007 ב 10:16

    Yippy! Another Dragon initiate! My Dragon 64 was the first computer I ever had.

    I asked my dad for an Atari game console and instead he brought me the Dragon and I had to write my own games. That was a neat trick on his part – got me to where I am now, I guess.

    PS – What was your BBS called? Maybe I was a user? 🙂

  2. Ohad16 בינואר 2007 ב 10:39

    The BBS name was '2001 The Year We Made Contact' – it was the only one in Haifa area for some time…

    Started with 300b modem XT with 10Meg hd 🙂

    Yes yes ppl… there was a time when you actually could see the characters being drawn on the screen…