Enterprise Library 3.0 Dec CTP on Code Plex !

23 בדצמבר 2006

Enterprise Library 3.0 Dev CTP is available on Code Plex since yesterday 🙂

This CTP Highlights are :

Partial Trust Support
StrongNamed Binary Assemblies
Validation Application Block ( check tom's blog )
SQL Server Compact Edition support
Database.UpdateDatabase now support updateBatchSize parameter
Visual Studio-Integrated Configuration Editor.
AppSettings support.
Encryption support.
Application Block Software Factory
Creating a New Application Block (Solution Template)
   Creating a New Provider Library (Solution Template)
   Creating a New Typed or Untyped Provider for Enterprise Library Application Blocks
   Creating a New Typed or Untyped Provider (generic)
   Converting an Untyped Provider to a Typed Provider
   Creating a New Provider Factory and Base class
   Creating a New Design-time Provider Base Node
   Creating a Provider Design-time node


Download EntLib 3.0 CTP Over here

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