DrawString / MeasureString Offset Problem Solved !

30 ביולי 2006

When you are trying to use DrawString and MeasureString for example to print something it seems that there is a little offset to the right and the left of the text, using MeasureString doesn’t seems to do its job. This is how it will look: And this is how you want it to look: In order to solve the measuring problem all you have to do is use StringFormat with GenericTypographic and send it both to the MeasureString & to the DrawString as additional parameter. Microsoft’s KB-307208 explains in more detail what is going on behind the gdi plus DrawString & MeasureString methods. — Using...
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ARCast – Migrating Legacy Systems to SOA

6 ביולי 2006

Ron Jcobs just published my Migrating Legacy System to SOA ARCast which was recorded during TechEd Eilat 2006 During this ARCast I had a conversation with Ron about Proof Of Concept that I've ran in SmarTeam of migrating working enterprise application to SOA using WCF. Listen to the ARCast over here
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