How to identify a browser refresh event

17 במאי 2006

I’m currently writing a cool BHO ( Browser Helper Object ) and one of the things that I've noticed is that there seems to be missing a way to receive a Refresh event notification from the browser. Why do I need a refresh event ? well its because the browser doesn’t raises a DocumentComplete event on a page refresh. So what are the steps to receive a notification of a browser refresh event ? 1. Register to BeforeNavigate2, DocumentComplete, DownloadComplete events. 2. Declare a global boolean by the name of refresh and give is the value of true.3. On the BeforeNavigate2 event set the value of the...
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The Beat Box – Arc311 Slides

16 במאי 2006

For anyone who have attended my TechEd Eilat session about building a drum machine using Enterprise Library 2.0 and for the rest of you who are curious to see the slides…  Download the slides Regarding the demo… i.e. source code … as I wrote some pieces of the code in a POC style i.e. Fast and Dirty I will need to do some refactoring of the code prior to releasing it to the public and i expect it to take 2–3 weeks due to time constraints.  
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Microsoft Support LifeCycle Index

I was looking for public information regarding support & extended support for Microsoft products and I was very happy to find (After some massive searching) the Microsoft Support LifeCycle Index So if you were curious… mainstream support for xp & 2003 will end two years after the next version of the product will be released and extended support will end five years after the mainstream support ends.
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ClearType & Graphics.DrawString

6 במאי 2006

I was making some fine tuning to my system prior to my TechEd Beat Box presentation … one of the tuning was to change the vs ide to use Consolas the cool ClearType font. After applying the ClearType setting I've noticed something very strange… The fonts of my Pattern – User Control seem to become very ugly…. (see the Bass Drum, Snare Drum & rim font)  I’ve also seen that the buttons on the right seems fine… and they are actually also drawn the same way…i.e. using DrawString I’ve started investigating it and it seems that if you are using Graphics.DrawString on transparent background you get the ugly font...
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The Youngest Indigo (WCF) expert in the world !

Lately I had the feeling that someone is reading my books they were just not in the place where I left them … So I’ve decided to installed a hidden camera in my working room. Look what I've caught this morning…. The youngest Indigo expert in the world ! It seems that at the age of 10 months Shira is already learning Indigo several hours a day :-)
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Enterprise Library 2.0 Hands On Labs !

5 במאי 2006

Microsoft Patterns & Practices just released the Enterprise Library 2.0 Hands On Labs !!! It seems like every time I'm doing an Enterprise Library presentation in a big Microsoft convention someone decides to release the Hands of Labs… it happened to me in the past and it just happened again :-) Its so nice to have something new to announce on my presentation. Download it over here
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6 Days Left For TechEd 2006 & The Beat Box Presentation !

3 במאי 2006

6 Days Left For TechEd Eilat 2006 ! As some of you already know the theme of this year’s TechEd is Feal The BEAT… so for my Enterprise Library 2.0 presentation at the Architecture track I've decided to create a cool Beat Box Sample which is all powered by the Enterprise Library 2.0 ! The look & feel keeps on changing as I'm adding some more last minute features… but as you can see it turned out very cool ! So if you want to hear a sample track of my Beat Box check these two sample tracks here and here p.s. The tack was recorded by the Beat...
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