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23 באפריל 2006

Thanks to Alik Levin I found out about this cool Application Security document from Microsoft… Check it out ! To build software that meets your security objectives, you must integrate security activities into your software development lifecycle. This handbook captures and summarises the key security engineering activities that should be an integral part of your software development processes.These security engineering activities have been developed by Microsoft patterns & practices to build on, refine and extend core lifecycle activities with a set of security-specific activities. These include identifying security objectives, applying design guidelines for security, threat modelling, security architecture and design...
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Feel the BEAT with Enterprise Library 2.0 @ TechEd Eilat 2006

I just came back from a Passover vacation in Italy and getting ready for TechEd Eilat 2006 … TechEd Eilat theme this year will be Feel The Beat and as such I’m preparing a very cool demo for my Ent Lib 2.0 show… the demo will surly rock the house !!! ( More to come on this soon…) Another show that will take place in TechEd is my ARCast with Ron Jacobs about Migration of a working system to SOA using WCF – lots of tips from a migration of huge project to SOA using WCF… cross posting to &
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