PDC09 – Day 1 – Keynotes with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia

יום שלישי, נובמבר 17, 2009

PDC09 – Day 1 – Keynotes with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia – Live blogging I'm sitting on the 8th row in the center in-front of the stage with 3 other coworkers from Sela waiting for Ray Ozzie to come up and started talking about S+S and the flow of changes that come since talking about Windows Azure and Office Online / Services. View Full Album The main topic for today keynote is cloud computing and the connection of multi platforms like Desktop/Netbook/Phone/TV to the cloud and its services. Looking for seamless multi screen experiences that is based on the web...

First Day in PDC09 – My Session List

First Day in PDC09 – My Session List One of the things I learn last year on PDC08 is to make sure you got the list of session and backup sessions (in case the first priority is full or boring…) in advance. The LA convention center is huge complex and not preparing this in advance is a major cause of leg aches from running all over the place. This map is not to scale … Anyway here is a list I compiled for tomorrow, I actually still need to narrow it down as I have time slots with 3 and 4 session...


יום רביעי, דצמבר 5, 2007

אני לא מצליח להסתדר עם העברית והאנגלית ב Windows Live Writer כל מילה באנגלית קופצת ממקומה וכל סימני הפיסוק נודדים להם להיכן שהם רוצים. אז אם מישהו מכיר דרך טובה להשתלט על הסיוט הזה אני אודה עד מאוד Technorati Tags: Help,Windows Live Blogging General