Windows Azure Community–Israel April Session–Come And Hear Me

יום ראשון, מרץ 17, 2013

Tales of Production Debugging In the coming meeting of Windows Azure Community – Israel session (Apr-3rd 17:30) I’m going to give a session on debugging in cloud environment and especially in Windows Azure. You are all welcome to register at EventBrite (Seats are numbered). While you at that go to the community Facebook Page and “Link” it for feature updates and information.   This session will be mostly live coding/examples (5 Slides the most) so here is a short abstract on what you will hear : “Debugging large scale n-tier applications is...

Windows 8 And Windows Azure – A Match made in Heaven

יום שני, יולי 16, 2012

Earlier this month a gave a short presentation and demo at Microsoft’s Development Manager Forum July meeting. In this short hour We seen the new architecture and features changes in Windows8 and how we as developers need to adjust our way of thinking for them. Part of the changes in the application model of “Metro” applications calls for a new way to notify our application on externals events that may occur using the Windows Notifications API. But this is not the only change, an even bigger one is the distribution model. The Application Store for Windows 8 extend...

What's new in Windows Azure – Come and Hear…

יום חמישי, יוני 14, 2012

On the beginning of June Microsoft announced on multiple changes and additions to Windows Azure environment. If you like to hear about them I'm going to give a session at the week of the 24th (June), The session will be at the Third Meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group on June 24th in Jerusalem and this is organized by Sela CTO Sasha Goldshtein you can register here
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Integrating Service Buses: The full picture – Sela Developer Practice

יום שני, דצמבר 28, 2009

Tomorrow afternoon Bram and myself are going to give a lecture on Sela Devloper Partice convension on the topic "Integrating Service Buses" which will explorer the Windows Azure Platform AppFabric. In order to see who/how can enjoy the benefits of Service Bus and how can we use the in existing project you need to register to the convension (It is not too late) and come and see our amazing session and demos.  

PDC09 – Day 1 – Keynotes with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia

יום שלישי, נובמבר 17, 2009

PDC09 – Day 1 – Keynotes with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia – Live blogging I'm sitting on the 8th row in the center in-front of the stage with 3 other coworkers from Sela waiting for Ray Ozzie to come up and started talking about S+S and the flow of changes that come since talking about Windows Azure and Office Online / Services. View Full Album The main topic for today keynote is cloud computing and the connection of multi platforms like Desktop/Netbook/Phone/TV to the cloud and its services. Looking for seamless multi screen experiences that is based on the web...